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Mr. Jose Guzman


This is my second visit here. Excellent and customized treatment; staff is professional and friendly. Vaidyar's is not only a great Health Center, but also a place where change begins in my life. I am grateful for all the attention, directions and the little walks around. Coming here is like visiting friends who also help you giving the best of each one in their speciality.




Ms. Elizabeth Werder


The treatment is very efficient and individual. Therefore the results are amazing. I have lost some weight and feel very good in my body again. It is real therapeutic from its source with most friendly and very respectful staff.




Mr. Sankaranarayanan


Good Rejuvenation Program. Satisfied with the Doctors' Hospitality. Feels home-like environment. Satisfied with the 16-members' team work. Apart from the treatments, we are happy with the arrangement made by the Doctors for local visit including Chocolate Factory and Cashew Factory.




Mrs. Vijayalakshmi S


We are very happy that everyday both Dr. Pradeep and Dr. Prashanth were available for consultation, discussion and clarification for our queries. Our best wishes for the growth of this Hospital. Care and Share is our motto.




Sammith Dixit


Although I stayed here for a very short time, the doctors have diagnosed my condition accurately and provided adequate guidance and treatment in order to cure it. The warm hospitality of the doctors and the staff is beyond excellent. Would definitely come back again and also recommend to friends and family.



Manoj T.P


Wonderful two weeks' experience which was a first of its kind for me. I liked the daily routine of Doctors' consultation, Yoga, Treatments and Meditation. I extend my thanks to Dr. Prashanth Jana who was available for everything with a pleasant smile; Dr. Pradeep Kumar, Chief Physician who diagnosed & monitored my treatment; Dr. Nischitha the duty doctor, Ms. Kusuma the Yoga Instructor and the three therapists and all other support staff who made my stay comfortable. Overall it was an excellent and unique experience for me.


Mr. Mukund G.K.,


"Back to Basics" could be the best way to express our opinion as a whole. Dr. Pradeep and Dr. Prashanth spares no effort to emphasise the need to understand basics of health. Methods were made simple to layman's understanding. Very convincing, good improvement during the stay. Assures promising healthy future.



Ms. Sheela Mukund,


To be honest, it was more than my expectation. All pains were taken care by good treatment. Oil Massages were excellent. Therapy staff did a good job and I am very satisfied. Dr. Pradeep and Dr. Prashanth have given lot of tips for future healthcare. Thank you Vaidyar's Ayurveda.




Ms. Gerhild Silber,

Austria, Stayed 2 weeks.

I enjoyed the daily routine of treatment, Yoga, Doctor's Consultations and Meditation. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The Therapists are really nice and skillful in their work. The doctors are excellent and took good care of us. My overall impression is very good and would come again.




Mr. Roland Soyka,

Austria, Stayed 2 weeks.

The treatment was very good. I am very happy that I finally got to try out Yoga. Enjoyed my stay here and I am looking forward to seeing you again.





Mr. Avinash Tatineni,

Vijayawada, Stayed 28 days.

Excellent all the way!! The program was more than 100% of my expectations. Loved every single day of my stay here. My recovery is well beyond my expectations and am thankful to the doctors for their service. Support staff is amazing, particularly the conversations, Yoga and the massages. Once again, big thanks to each and every person involved and I can wait to visit this beautiful town again. Keep rocking.



Mr. S.N.A. Jinnah, Senior executive,

NABARD, Mumbai.

I chose Vaidyar's Ayurveda to rejuvenate myself and improve my anemic condition, glucose metabolism, flatulence and tan in my face. After two weeks of treatment, I feel quite rejuvenated - at least by 10 years - and there is improvement in Haemoglobin and Blood Sugar levels. I feel significant reduction in belly-fat (evidence: my loosening trousers). There is also significant reduction in facial tan and flatulence. All this has been possible with the Classical approach to Ayurveda practiced by Dr. Prashanth Jana and the robust traditional treatments custom-designed by Dr. Pradeep Kumar. Further, the kind, responsive duty-doctor, Yoga instructor, therapists and the para-medical/support-staff offered such an enabling environment. to sum up my experience, it is like a "mini Kuti Praveshika" program at home.

Ms. Greet Drijfhout

The Netherlands

The treatments were very good. My skin is now very soft; the muscles feel very good. My backache is gone. My head is calm.
It was a very good time for me.




Ms. Astrid Boekee

The Netherlands

I had a very pleasant time here and I hope I can come soon again!!
Thank you for all your kindness and help. Now I am motivated to stay healthy and do my Yoga practice everyday!




Mr. Prasanna Kumar G.K


To be precise, wonderful experience, good hospital, good doctors & a good place. I would like to visit time and again. Happy to say that I feel most of my ailments have been cured.





Mr. Guruprasad


Well qualified Doctors and Therapists, gave a holistic approach to the treatment process. Extremely courteous staff gave a homely feel. They always had a smile on their face. Henceforth, Ayurveda will be my first recourse to any ailments I encounter in the future.




Mr. Sreejith Shashi


I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for your treatment and care that you have provided during my stay here at Vaidyar's. I recommended Vaidyar's to couple of my friends and family not because I came here, but because of the service you and your staff provided. You have done an excellent job to maintain everything in order. The staff are absolutely amazing and friendly.
-Thank you so much Doctors!



Dr. Raghava Gowda

Ohio, USA

Thank you very much for your guidance and excellent treatment at your clinic. Special thanks to therapist Mr. Vijay for the excellent massages and Yoga Guru.
I have recommended my brother and his wife to visit your place.
-Thank you for everything.



Dr. Shail Gowda

Ohio, USA

Thanks to therapists Ms. Savitha and Ms. Shyamili. Thank you for some wonderful treatments.





Mrs. Renu Kalsi


This was my first experience of its kind, I definitely got lot more than I was expecting. The team is excellent and made me feel very comfortable during my whole stay. Doctor's knowledge and experience and approach is outstanding. I will be recommending this Center to all my friends and family and would definitely return soon.



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