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Hypertension is a medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is elevated. According to Ayurveda, hypertension is an abnormality of Rakta Dhatu (blood) and is popularly known as Shonita Dusti (vitiated blood).


According to Ayurveda, the following are the general types of imbalances responsible for most chronic conditions, including hypertension:

  1. Toxins accumulating in tissues and blocking circulation.
  2. Poor nutrition.
  3. Poor digestion.
  4. Imbalance of the nervous system.
  5. Accumulation of physical and mental stress.
  6. Lowering of natural resistance and immunity.
  7. Stress and hectic life-style.
  8. Vitiation of vata
  9. Smoking and excessive intake of intoxicants
  10. Hardening of the arteries
  11. Obesity
  12. Metabolic disorders
  13. Excessive intake of common salt
  14. Over-consumption of fast-food/junk food
  15. High blood pressure can also be secondary to other conditions - kidney disease, cardiac disease, etc.

Treatment :

Treatment is based on bringing imbalances back to normal. In the treatment of hypertension - nutrition, physical exercise (Yoga), breathing exercises (Pranayama), meditation (Dhyana), behavioral modification along with internal medications are prescribed.

  • Proper nutrition – food which is easy for digestion, metabolism and elimination has to be consumed.
  • Balancing nervous system – according to Ayurveda, vitiated vata causes shonita dushti results imbalance in nervous system. so aim of treatment is balancing vata through different procedures like abhyanga, basti, etc.
  • Internal medication - To bring down aggravated vata to normalcy and for the purification of blood.
  • Yoga and meditation –which provides soothing and relaxation for entire physiology.


  • Dr. Raghava Gowda
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    Ohio, USA
    Thanks to therapists Ms. Savitha and Ms. Shyamili. Thank you for some wonderful treatments.